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Vending Machine For Snacks, Candy, Toys, CD's, DVD's and More, Plug and Play Software This Model Accepts Coin or Cash



$ 4,900 08

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Seaga's Infinity vending machines have top of the line features that any owner would want. From Lock-Out timed vending, to LED lights to Perfect performing vends. Look no further for the snack machine that you need! 


This vending machine requires no labels because it offers Scroll Pricing. Our configurations can be customized to fit nearly any type of small merchandise easily. 


Features & details

  • ✔ GUARANTEED DELIVERY SYSTEM MOTOR TESTED OVER 2 MILLION VENDS FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND - You can count on our Snack Vending Machine to work every time. No worrying about product loss from mechanical errors. Our machines have gone through vigorous testing of over 2 million vends with perfect performance.
  • ✔ HOLDS UP TO 40 PRODUCTS AND CAN VEND SNACKS, DVD's, CD's, COMPUTER SUPPLIES AND MORE - Seaga's Infinity machine can hold up to 40 products and can be customized to vend almost any small product. Using a dual coil design the machine offers better product flexibility to meet your market needs.
  • ✔ ENERGY SAVING SETTINGS AND LED LIGHTS TO KEEP ELECTRICAL COSTS DOWN - Seaga is the Go-To brand for vending machines that will last for years and save you money in the process. LED lighting allows for beautiful display of your products while saving you money. This machine also has and energy saver settings with lock-out and Timed Vend Settings for times you want the machine to use nearly zero electricity.
  • ✔ PLUG AND PLAY WITH SCROLL PRICING (NO LABELS) - Use the scroll pricing and flexible, built in software to quickly and easily set up your machine for immediate sales. Adjust settings, including health and safety and energy efficiency, at the product level.
  • ✔ STEEL TRAYS INTERLOCK DOOR CONSTRUCTION AND COMMON COMPONENTS - All Seaga Infinity models have common components. They are also built with steel trays to maximum strength. Buy you Snack Machine Today!

Product information Coin/Cash

Product Dimensions37 x 39 x 72 inches
Item Weight527 pounds
Shipping Weight690 pounds


Vending Machine For Snacks, Candy, Toys, CD's, DVD's and More

$5,100.00 Regular Price
$4,900.08Sale Price
  • No returns accepted for this product.

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