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An in touch 16". x 20". oil painting on canvas that brings life to any decor. Comes already placed inside great crafting frame. Display this piece of KINGston A.V Artwork within the interior of exterior of your Residence or Commercial domicile to convey Class! A DIY (do it yourself, paint by numbers) rendition completed by KINGston AV Artwork! To show your support, Donation info at bottom of website page. Thanks.INFORMATION ABOUT THESE TYPES OF PAINTINGS:A “DIY” (Do It Yourself) Painting is a painting that has been created showing only the lines of the image to be painted with numbers placed inside the lines. There are different colors of paint that have the specific numbers on them to match with the numbers within the lines to be painted. Painting the matched numbers will complete the painting. DIY paintings are paintings that help encourage artistic people to get into the painting habit. It aids them with mastering painting techniques and completing a painting. This painting is one of those. 

"In The Mood" KINGston A.V Artwork

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